Christ Faith Service

PYV Constitution

Last altered at the PYV Annual General Meeting, 11th Nov 2015


1.1.  The youth organisation of the Presbyterian Church of Australia in the State of Victoria shall have the title Presbyterian                              Youth Victoria (PYV).

1.2.  For the purposes of PYV ministry, youth is defined as anyone between the ages of 12-21. PYV also ministers to children aged 0-11.



2.1.  PYV accepts:
     a)  The word of God as its supreme standard in all matters of faith and life.
     b)  The Westminster Confession of Faith as its subordinate standard as an expression of the sense in which we understand and                     accept the Holy Scriptures.

2.2.  Notwithstanding anything contained in this constitution, PYV is subject to the rules and procedures of the Code Book of the                       Presbyterian Church of Victoria (PCV)

2.3.  PYV operates under the authority of the General Assembly of the PCV, which has delegated oversight to its                                               Christian Education and Nurture Committee (CENC).

2.4.  It is to be noted that for the purposes of PYV, where “youth” are referenced, this encompasses young people aged 12 to                            21 years inclusively.



3.1.  PYV aims to glorify God by assisting the congregations of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria in the development and nurture of         youth for the service of Christ Jesus.

3.2.  Specifically PYV’s objectives are:
     a)  We believe that God continues to draw people to himself through Jesus by the work of the Holy Spirit, so we will provide                          opportunity and assistance to youth to commit their life to Jesus as their Saviour.

     b)  We value unity in the body of Christ, so we will provide opportunities for fellowship and shared experiences in a Christian context.

     c)  We believe that youth have the ability to lead and serve in their local church, so we will provide training and opportunities to                     lead within PYV in the hope they will use this experience elsewhere.

     d)  We know that youth are still developing, so we will provide whatever support we can to help them “grow in grace and                                knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” (2 Pet 3:18)

     e)  We value local church ministry, so we will seek to provide whatever support and resources we can to individual                                         churches. (Training; Books; Guidance)

     f)  PYV is a part of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria, so we will do what we can to represent the needs of youth within the                          courts of the church.



4.1.  The PYV Council shall have oversight of the affairs, business and property of PYV.

4.2.  Save with the consent of the PYV AGM, the CENC and the General Assembly, neither PYV Council nor any of                                         its sub-committees shall:
     a)  Borrow money (whether on security or otherwise) or mortgage any assets of PYV; or
     b)  Enter into any contract or arrangement for the acquisition or disposal of any real estate or for the erection of, or                                          substantial alterations to, buildings or property.

4.3.  The PYV Council shall consist of:

     a)  Convenor (elected by PYV Council at its first regular meeting following each PYV AGM)
     b)  Secretary (elected by PYV Council at its first regular meeting following each PYV AGM)
     c)  Treasurer - PYV Council, in consultation with the CENC, may deem this to be an extra-conciliar position (elected by                                  PYV Council at its first regular meeting following each PYV AGM)
     d)  Up to a maximum of seven additional Councillors (or eight if the Treasurer is not on Council)

4.4.  In fulfilling its delegated oversight of PYV, up to two members of the CENC shall attend Council meetings in a non-voting capacity.

4.5.  Councillors are elected for a term of two years.  One half of their number retire annually in rotation but are eligible                                     for re-election. No councillor may serve for more than five consecutive terms.

4.6.  Members of PYV Council are to be communicant members of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria and shall be not                                     less than 18 years of age.

4.7.  The quorum for PYV Council meetings shall be 60% of the current elected councillors.

4.8.  In absentia, elected members of PYV Council may not vote, have a proxy vote or initiate action at PYV Council                                          meetings. Each member of PYV Council present at a meeting of PYV Council shall have one vote.

4.9.  Members of PYV Council are to be given at least seven days notice of all meetings.

4.10.  PYV Council meetings shall be chaired by the Convenor, or in his/her absence, a member delegated by the Convenor.

4.11.  Should a member of PYV Council not regularly attend PYV Council meetings and/or other PYV events,                                                      following consultation with the member regarding their non-attendance, the CENC may remove the member from office.

4.12.  Any PYV Council vacancy that exists between PYV AGMs may be filled at a PYV Council meeting, in consultation                                    with the CENC, providing the nominee satisfies the criteria for a Councillor (as outlined in 4.6).  A person appointed in                               this way remains on PYV Council for the balance of their predecessor’s term.


5.1.  The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of PYV shall be held annually at such a time and place as the PYV Council                                        determines. Such a meeting shall be held within 13 months of the preceding AGM.

5.2.  Delegates to the AGM shall consist of a maximum of three people from each parish who are appointed annually                                  in writing by their local Session.  Such appointments are to be presented to the CENC Representative/s by the                                           commencement of the AGM.  Delegates are to be communicant members of the Presbyterian Church of                                                   Victoria and shall be not less than 16 years of age.
5.3.  Each delegate present shall have one vote.

5.4.  Notice of the proposed business of the PYV AGM shall be given in writing (includes email) to each Session                                              in Victoria at least fourteen days before any such meeting.

5.5.  The quorum for the PYV AGM shall be 10 voting delegates representing parishes in at least 3 Presbyteries.

5.6.  The business of the PYV AGM shall be conducted as far as possible under the standing orders of the Code of                                            the Presbyterian Church of Victoria and shall meet to:
5.6.1.     Consider the PYV Annual Report
5.6.2.     Receive the PYV Budget for the next financial year
5.6.3.     Consider any proposed amendments to the PYV Constitution
5.6.4.     Elect the PYV Council
5.6.5.     Deal with any other set Agenda items

5.7.  Candidates for election to PYV Council:
5.7.1.     Must fulfil the criteria for being a Councillor as in 4.6 above.
5.7.2.     Save with the consent of the CENC, shall have a demonstrated history of recent and regular attendance                                                     and involvement in PYV events.
5.7.3.     If unable to attend the PYV AGM, their nomination will be accepted in writing by the CENC.

5.8.  The procedure for the election of vacant positions on PYV Council shall be as follows:
5.8.1.     Nominations shall be called for by the CENC Representative/s
5.8.2.     Where the number of nominations exceeds the number of positions available, each delegate shall indicate                                                their preference on a CENC approved voting form
5.8.3.     The results of the election will not be announced at the PYV AGM.  The CENC’s Representative/s to                                                           the PYV AGM shall collect the completed voting forms and delegate nomination forms and present them to                                             the next meeting of the CENC.  At this meeting the CENC will:
        Verify results against the returned voting forms
        Check the suitability of the nominees against the delegate nomination forms
        Inform all nominees by mail/email as to the success of their election
        Where any nominee is judged unsuitable, the CENC shall personally inform the nominee and the reasons for their                                     lack of suitability
        The CENC may - after discussion with the outgoing PYV Council - substitute an unsuitable nominee with the                               next suitable nominee
5.8.4.     The outgoing PYV Council remains in place until the first meeting of the new PYV Council.


6.1.  A Special General Meeting (SGM) of PYV may be convened by:
a)     PYV Council or the CENC, at any time; or
b)     The Secretary, within one month of receiving of a requisition in writing signed by at least 8 voting delegates                                               representing parishes in at least 2 Presbyteries.

6.2.  The announcement and conduct of a SGM of PYV shall be subject to the same procedures as those of the AGM.


7.1.  The name and church of proposed speakers at PYV events should be given to the CENC for approval before the                                      proposed persons are asked to speak.


8.1.  This Constitution may be amended by a resolution passed by a two-thirds majority of a PYV AGM or SGM, subject                                   to final approval by the CENC.