Christ Faith Service

PYV Council

The PYV Council is responsible for overseeing the youth work within the Presbyterian Church of Victoria.

The Council is comprised of up to ten members who are elected for two year terms, with five up for election each year at the Annual General Meeting. 

Council meets roughly 9 to 10 times a year to plan, discuss and further the work of the Gospel in youth ministry in Victoria.

Each member of Council is responsible for overseeing portfolios of PYV's ministry.  These portfolios include:

  • Training - Colin Spackman
  • Leadership Accreditation - Katherine Moody & Anna Burns
  • Finances - Lennard Low
  • Resources - Callum Haughey
  • Communication & Publicity - Katherine Moody
  • Heathmont House -
  • Camps - Sherif Makar
  • Events -
  • Missions - Kirsten Harvey

One member of the Christian Education and Nurture Committee also attends each Council meeting to assist and provide advice to the Council. The CENC has been delegated authority over PYV by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria.  The current CENC rep to PYV is:


Scott McNabb - Convenor

Scott is a Speech Pathologist and attends Donvale Presbyterian Church. He enjoys most sports (except swimming), motorbikes and strong coffee. Scott lives with his wife, Jess, and his two dogs: Mack and Molly.

If you need to get in contact with Scott, email the following address:





Louise Goswell

Louise has been involved with PYV for a long time! Starting as a camper, then becoming a leader, to filling the PYV Admin Officer role to now being part of PYV Council. Louise attends Canterbury Presbyterian Church and is working in a graduate position at Visy. Louise is the PYV Council Secretary where she looks after the agenda and minutes for each Council meeting.

If you need to get in contact with Louise, email the following address:




Katherine Moody

Katherine attends Surrey Hills Presbyterian Church with her husband Joe. She works in the marketing team at The Salvation Army and enjoys drinking aeropress coffee, playing soccer for Donvale Presbyterian Football Club and spending time with friends.

Katherine looks after the communications and publicity portfolio on PYV Council and is also currently part of the Leadership Accreditation Committee. 

If you need to get in contact with Katherine, email the following address:




Sherif Makar

Sherif has joined PYV Council in 2018 to look after the Camps portfolio. He attends South Yarra Presbyterian Church and works as a Pharmacist where he enjoys serving God through the gift of medications. 

PYV has been a huge blessing in drawing him closer to God and PYV camps have provided him and others with an environment where you can make life-long friends, enjoy solid biblical teaching and grow as a follower of Jesus. 

If you need to contact Sherif, email the following address:



Kirsten Harvey

Kirsten attends New Life Presbyterian Church in Officer with her husband Daniel. She works as a primary school teacher, primarily with students who come from refugee backgrounds or families that speak limited English. In her spare time, she plays netball for the NLPC Greenbacks and makes her own dresses.

Kirsten has a passion for mission and looks after the Missions Portfolio on PYV council.

If you need to get in contact with Kirsten, email the following address:



Anna Burns

Anna has been involved with PYV since 2006, spanning a long history from colourful and quirky camper to slightly less colourful and quirky leader. Anna works as a Speech Pathologist in a hospital setting and has seen much of Victoria through her work. She has recently moved to Melbourne and attends Reservoir Presbyterian Church.

Anna feels she has been blessed through the many friendships formed through PYV and the wider Presbyterian Church, and enjoys keeping those connections wherever she lives. When she isn't at work, Anna enjoys having people over for meals, building her collection of interesting breakfast cereals, and ideally combining these two practices.Anna has joined the PYV council as part of the Leadership Accreditation Committe (LAC).

                                                If you need to contact Anna, email the following address:



Callum Haughey

Callum is currently a youth leader at Donvale Presbyterian Church. During the week he works as an Integration Aide at Waverley Christian College. In his spare time he loves sport! Cricket, football, basketball you name it he likes it!

Callum looks after the Resource Portfolio for PYV.

If you need to get in contact with Callum, email the following address:




Colin Spackman

Colin is a member at Chalmers Presbyterian Church in Hawthorn East. During the week he serves as a ministry apprentice at the Christian Union at Monash University. In his spare time Colin enjoys reading, hiking or walking, and enjoying a good coffee.

Colin looks after the Training Portfolio on the council where he seeks to help train and equip those who serve the youth throughout the state.

If you need to get in contact with Colin, email the following address:




Andrew Edmonds

Andrew is the Youth Ministries Director for PYV.

If you need to get in contact with Andrew, email the following address:

Youth Ministries Director -



Rev. Dave Assender

Dave is currently Chaplain at Melbourne's Scotch College. He has a long history with PYV and we are very appreciative of having his experience available to us at council.

If you need to get in contact with Dave, email the following address:

CENC Representative -