Christ Faith Service

PYV Council

The PYV Council is responsible for overseeing the youth work within the Presbyterian Church of Victoria.

The Council is comprised of up to ten members who are elected for two year terms, with five up for election each year at the Annual General Meeting. 

Council meets roughly 9 to 10 times a year to plan, discuss and further the work of the Gospel in youth ministry in Victoria.

Each member of Council is responsible for overseeing portfolios of PYV's ministry.  These portfolios include:

  • Training - Brian Harvey
  • Leadership Accreditation - Brad Haughey, Katherine Goswell
  • Finances - Duan Ziegelaar
  • Resources - Callum Haughey
  • Communication & Publicity - Katherine Goswell
  • Heathmont House -
  • Camps -
  • Events - Emily Venning
  • Missions - Emily Venning

One member of the Christian Education and Nurture Committee also attend each Council meeting to assist and provide advice to the the Council.  The CENC has been delegated authority over PYV by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria.  The current CENC rep to PYV is:


Scott McNabb - Convenor

Scott is a Speech Pathologist and attends Donvale Presbyterian Church. He enjoys most sports (except swimming), motorbikes and strong coffee. Scott lives with his wife, Jess, and his two dogs: Mack and Molly.

If you need to get in contact with Scott, email the following address:

  • Convenor -

Katherine Goswell

Katherine is part of the marketing team at The Salvation Army Headquarters in Blackburn. She attends Canterbury Presbyterian Church where she is also a youth leader. Some of her favourite things are playing soccer (for Donvale Presbyterian Football Club), drinking soy flat whites and spending time with friends.

Katherine is the Secretary of PYV Council and also a part of the Safe Church sub-committee.

If you need to get in contact with Katherine, email the following address:

  • Secretary -


Duan Ziegelaar

Duan is in his second year serving on PYV council as our treasurer. He has a degree in Professional Accountancy and has been working for an accounting firm since 2012. He loves conservative politics and social issues, rugby union, the wallabies, reformed theology and geography.

If you need to get in contact with Duan, email the following address:

  • Treasurer -

Daniel Carner

Daniel Carner joined the PYV Council in December 2012.

He is the youth leader at Dandenong Presbyterian Church. Daniel also works in remedial therapies.

Daniel's oversees the First Aid portfolio for PYV.

If you need to get in contact with Daniel, email the following address:

  • First Aid -

Brad Haughey

Brad has been involved with PYV since 2008 and has previously served as the Operations Manager. He currently lives in Geelong and attends North Geelong Presbyterian Church where he also helps lead youth group. When he's not catching up with friends or trying out new breakfast places, Brad relaxes by watching motor racing (V8 Supercars and Formula 1) or going for drives.

Brad is part of the Leadership Accreditation Committee (LAC) portfolio for PYV.

If you need to get in contact with Brad, email the following address:

  • Leadership Accreditation Committee (LAC) -


Emily Venning

Emily works as a Nurse at Monash Medical Centre, Clayton. She attends South Yarra Presbyterian Church and is a regular leader on PYV camps. In her spare time Emily is always up for a good road trip out of Melbourne and also would happily babysit her nephews and nieces.

Emily is part of the Leadership Accreditation Committe (LAC), she also oversees the Missions portfolio for PYV.

If you need to get in contact with Emily, email one of the following addresses:

  • Leadership Accreditation Committe (LAC) -
  • Missions -


Callum Haughey

If you need to get in contact with Callum, email the following address:

  • Resources -



Rev. Brian Harvey

Brian (or Uncle Brian as he is sometimes referred to) is the Youth Ministries Director for PYV. When on camps Brian doubles up as the CENC representative.

If you need to get in contact with Brian, email the following address:

Rev. Dave Assender

Dave is currently Chaplain at Melbourne's Scotch College. He has a long history with PYV and we are very appreciative of having his experience available to us at council.

If you need to get in contact with Dave, email the following address: