Christ Faith Service

Want to serve God with PYV?

A PYV Leader:

  • Believes that Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour, and believes the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments to be the word of God.
  • Has a heart for young people.
  • Desires to share the Gospel with young people.
  • Agrees to be bound by:

    • PCV Safe Church Policy and Code of Conduct
    • PCV Privacy Policy
    • PYV Leader’s Declaration of Commitment
    • PYV Constitution
    • PYV Council Policies and Decisions

  •  Has undertaken Safe Church Basic Training prior to leading on their first camp. (this includes leaders under 18 years of age)
  • Has a valid Victorian Working with Children’s Card, with PYV listed as an organisation they volunteer with.

    • Please add PYV as an organisation to your WWCC details:

      Presbyterian Youth Victoria
      268 Canterbury Road
      Heathmont VIC 3135
      0434 198 156

There are two ways to apply to become a PYV leader:

Complete (or be in the process of completing) the YouthMETRO traineeship
Fill out the PYV leader application form to help PYV determine what prior training you have had


YouthMETRO is a one year traineeship in local church youth ministry beginning in December at PYV's Summer Camp.

In keeping with the 2 Timothy 2:2 model, the program is designed so the trainee is simultaneously a trainee and a trainer.  This 'trainee and trainer' shape is reflected through the trainee meeting not only one-to-one with their trainer, but also with key others they are training?passing on their training.

There are three strands to the YouthMETRO traineeship:

  • Being like Jesus: YouthMETRO emphasises daily bible reading and prayer as the key to godliness, and discussion/accountability in the training relationship in relation to this. There is also specific attention given to personal evangelism and family life
  • Thinking like Jesus: YouthMETRO sets essential reading that both prepares the trainee for future training and stimulates the trainer/trainee?s thinking in relation to life and ministry.
  • Serving like Jesus: YouthMETRO is designed to develop thinking and skills in certain core areas of ministry. The main training resources used are the Ministry Papers, alongside other key reading.


Applications for YouthMETRO open in July and close in mid October each year.  More information on YouthMETRO can be found at To know more of what you're signing on for as a PYV Leader, click here to read the PYV Leaders' Declaration of Commitment


PYV Leader Application Form

PYV is committed to providing our youth with leaders who are equipped to nurture and teach them.  This application is to demonstrate that you are qualified to be a PYV leader by outlining your training and experience.

  1. This form includes questions to discover whether your learning and experience is equivalent to what is covered in the YouthMETRO traineeship.
  2. The PYV Leader Accreditation Committee (LAC) will contact your referees via phone or email.
  3. The LAC will review your application and contact you to advise whether your application has been successful.
  4. For those applicants who do not quite fulfill the criteria, a member of the LAC will contact them and:

a) Authorise them in writing to lead on one camp only, provided that they agree to fulfil certain criteria before they lead on another camp.  A member of the LAC may talk to them face to face or by phone to help them decide how they can best fulfil the criteria.


b) Contact them in writing to advise that their application has not been successful at this time, and recommend action they can take to be approved in the future.  A member of the LAC may also talk to them face to face or by phone if required.

The LAC wants to help you get equipped to serve God with PYV, in your church and in the world.

To fulfill the criteria to be a PYV leader, the LAC may recommend that you:

  • Read a certain book
  • Attend a bible study
  • Attend a relevant training event
  • Volunteer in your local church
  • Do an online short course
  • Take other action that suits you

This is for people who are not approved PYV leaders.

If you are not doing YouthMETRO, please use this form.

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