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Financial Assistance To Attend Camps

Do you want to come on a PYV camp, but simply can’t afford it?

We want to encourage parents and campers to contact your church's Board of Management, family members or other church members to ask for their support in meeting the cost. Maybe your youth group can host a fundraising event.

If you are still unable to meet the costs of camp the Social Services Committee of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria also has funds available on request for those who wish to attend camps but are not in a financial position to do so.

Please read through the camp funding guidelines from the Social Services Committee.

How to apply

The application process is easy!

Just follow the steps below:

1.   Download the application form here

 .docx version available here

2.   Take the form to your youth group leader or Church Elder to help you fill out the details.

We have tips of what to say below.


3.   Your church will submit the application for you.

It’s that simple! No-one should miss out on a PYV camp because they need financial help to get there.



Filling out the Social Services Funding request form

You may wish to write a more detailed answer, these are only suggestions. 

Section 1:

Your Church Elder/Minister should fill out these details.


Section 2:

a) Details of Organisation running the camp, activities and programs offered:

"Presbyterian Youth Victoria (PYV) conduct the camp for those aged 10 to 25+. The camp will be a combination of bible talks and studies, along with activities that encourage social interaction amongst campers."

c) Statement of Benefit of Activity

"PYV exists to provide opportunities for youth to hear the Gospel and make a commitment to Christ; to encourage fellowship amongst the youth of Victoria; and to build the youth leaders of today into the church of today and tomorrow."

d) Is the event official / sanctioned / endorsed?

"The camp is officially sanctioned by the Presbyterian Church of Victoria"

e) Accreditations of organisation running the activity?

"PYV is a sub-committee of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria"