Christ Faith Service

East Camp 2019 - What is The Gospel?

  • When: 11 am Sat 21st - 2:30pm Mon 23rd Sept 2019
  • Where: Camp Rumbug, 90 Dollar Woorarra West Road, FOSTER NORTH 3960, Vic
  • Who: 12 to year 12
  • How Much: $110 (Financial assistance is available). Either full payment of $110 or deposit of $70 required when registering. Cheques are to be made out to "Presbyterian Church of Victoria".
  • Camper Registration: Open Monday 1st July to Monday 2nd Sept
  • Speaker: Dave Martin
  • Topic: What is the Gospel?
  • Theme: Mission: Impossible!
  • All our leaders are Safe Church Compliant (more info)



Looking back at East Camp 2018

Written by Jacob York

The book of Proverbs was the topic for 2018’s East Camp. Led by Nick Arundell, our guest speaker, youth and leaders alike were challenged to Fear the LORD, for this is the beginning of Wisdom. It is amazing that though God is so big, He can be known through trusting in His son the Lord Jesus. After establishing that all godly wisdom comes from fearing the LORD, which ultimately demonstrates itself in trusting in Jesus, we were encouraged to be wise in the way we use our money and our words. Both these things can be good, but they can also be very dangerous, so it was good to learn that God cares about what we do with our money, and what we say. In His Word He gives us practical ways we’re able to use these things to please Him. This was all looked at in greater detail in small study groups, which were an awesome time for encouragement, discussion, questions, and prayer.

Our theme for camp was ‘More than Gold’, a statement that reminded us that God’s wisdom is worth pursuing and possessing more than anything else we can possibly find or own. Lots of campers and youth came dressed in fancy golden costumes for Sunday night’s dinner, including a shout out to two girls who covered themselves in golden paint! Other activities included the classic Scavenger Hunt (wouldn’t be a PYV camp without one), where activity groups had to travel around the enormous Camp Rumbug site, searching for clues and doing activities. These tasks included lifting a bucket of water up to the top of a hill, creating a human pyramid and walking around the campsite with an egg, as well as many more.

Other highlights consisted of basketball games, absolutely delicious food, catching up with old friends and getting to know new people too. What a privilege to come on camp and be challenged and changed, leaving camp better knowing who Jesus is, and being more equipped to do what His Word asks of us, particularly in relation to what we say and how we spend our money. We sang at camp:

‘One day every tongue will confess you are God

One day every knee will bow

Still the greatest treasure remains for those

Who gladly choose you now’.

Most of all, we as leaders pray that the campers who came would learn to Fear the LORD, trusting in Jesus as their Saviour and King, so they, along with us, will joyfully bow and worship the Lord when he returns.

To re live the memories, check out our Facebook photo album here

Looking Back at East Camp 2015

Click here to see photos of East Camp 2015. 

Stay tuned for recordings of the camp talks.

by Hollie Cloherty.

East Camp 2015 was held at the freezing but friendly Rawson Village, near Mt Baw Baw. The talks were given by Aaron Boyd, the pastor at Darebin Presbyterian Church.

Aaron shared with us from the book of 1 Peter on the theme of "Grace Empowered Holiness". He emphasised that as Christians, although we are 'aliens' in this world, we are chosen aliens: known, sanctified and loved. If we feel like sometimes we fit in with the world, and sometimes we don't, then that's a good thing. Aaron used a memorable mind map to illustrate the need to have Jesus Christ as the cornerstone and focus of our lives and not merely a part of them, pointing out that keeping anything other than Jesus as our focus will be an insecure and shaky cornerstone.

We also had a variety of fantastic activities at camp. We went from being creative with face masks to running madly in a zombie outbreak (eventually contained, don't worry), to flipping cups in chaotic races and then to working in our teams as surgeons, piecing together imaginatively-sliced pieces of fruit to re-create the original whole. There was also a highly amusing war between elves, giants and wizards. From the mouths of the campers themselves, the best things from camp were the activities, talks and studies, and in that order!

I myself thoroughly enjoyed all those things, but the talks and getting to know the campers was my highlight. We had just over 50 campers and a small but great leadership team wonderfully and graciously led by Nicki Brown. Having not led on a PYV camp for 2 years, I was challenged and encouraged in many ways, especially in my leading and in my walk with my Saviour. And I had a fantastic time!

Looking back on East 2014


by Saloni Christian and Sonja Otto

Check out photos from East Camp here.

Download mp3s of the East Camp Talks here:

Talk 1       Talk 2       Talk 3

This year at East Camp the theme was Comics and Cartoons and the speaker, Toby McIntosh, focused on the book of Habakkuk, looking at having hope no matter what. Each of the three talks looked at each of the 3 chapters of Habakkuk, looking at Habakkuk’s hopeless situation, and how the Lord had a plan in that, how Habakkuk waited on the Lord and then how Habakkuk found his hope in God and how we can find ours in Christ as well.

We had a fantastic array of hilarious activities this camp - the aim of the activities was to collect as many clues as you could to figure out where Tweety Bird was being kept (he was the prisoner of a dastardly congolomerate of comic and cartoon villains) so you could stop a bomb from detonating and save the world. Save Tweety. Save the world. On the last night there was also a cartoon and comic game show with challenges such as a Taboo style game, guess the theme song, and a spelling bee of theme related words (who knew Jafar was so hard to spell?).

Highlights of the camp would have to be the study groups (where we got to study Habakkuk in more depth with a small group our own age), the costume parade and game show, and the bonfire afterwards on the last night. And saving the world. Of course.

We had a great turn out at this East camp this year and we all had a fantastic time. Hopefully next year we'll have even more people!




About East Camp 2013

by Kirsten Bryant

To see photos from East Camp, click here.

It has been about a week since East Camp wrapped up for the year, and it is safe to say that I am still buzzing with excitement about all that happened while we were on camp!

We were blessed to have been able to spend three jam packed days together at the Oasis Christian Campsite in Mt. Evelyn. Some really great relationships were formed, and being only three days, it felt like we had to go home way too soon. But it was such a blessing to be able to spend the time we had together looking at God’s word, challenging and encouraging each other in our relationships with Him and in the way that we see and understand His will for our lives.

Darren Middleton shared with us across the three days, breaking down what God’s sovereign and revealed will mean to us, explaining that even though we do not understand all that is going on in our lives, we can look to the Bible and know exactly what it is that He wants for us – to be sanctified and made right before Him through what Jesus did for us on the cross. The study sessions were a huge highlight of the camp, because it gave us a chance to further grow relationships with different people, and also gave us a chance to share and explore with each other the topic of camp.

Along with that, the theme for camp was FOOD (everybody’s favourite!). From eating some of the grossest foods going around (pickled onions...anchovies...??), to secretly forcing us to egg each other by challenging us to an egg throwing contest, it is safe to say that Matt and Callum did a wonderful job ensuring that food was the main focus for every activity session that we had - especially on the final night where we all came together in the dining hall for a food based quiz night, affectionately titled “Are you smarter than a Camp Convenor?” Sadly, Ash (our Convenor) didn’t win and there were some groups out there who were smarter than her, but overall I think everyone was a winner because it gave us a chance to let our crazy side out, to learn more about the foods that we eat day to day and to find out who in our activity groups knows the weirdest and wackiest facts about food!

PYV East Camp 2014 is not close enough at all for my liking! It was definitely a pleasure to be able to step out of ‘normal life’ for a while as the body of Christ, so if you get the opportunity to come along, make sure you take it because it will challenge and encourage you in amazing ways!

A HUGE thank you to Ash and her executive team for all the hard work that they put in to make the weekend as amazing as it was, to Darren Middleton for all the hard work that he put in so that we could all come away from camp knowing God more, and to all of the leaders for being willing to give up your time to come and share part of your heart for God with the young people that you were able to spend time with.

My prayer in the coming weeks and months is that all of us will be able to remember how God has worked salvation out for us and that we will strive to share His love and grace with those around us who don’t know Him. We have an AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLE God, and THANK YOU just doesn’t seem sufficient enough a phrase to actually explain how thankful we can be for all that He has done for us, not only across this weekend, but also in each of our individual lives.