Christ Faith Service

Looking back at East 2019

Written by Ethan Otten

The 23 of September marked the day East Camp 2019 commenced. The youth arrived to the beautiful landscape of Camp Rumbug in Foster North. Friends greeted each other and swiftly found their dorms and claimed their beds. East Camp officially began with an intro session where the youth were presented with the “Mission Impossible” theme. The activities centered around “The Files” that had been stolen from Area 51. The youth had to work together over camp to retrieve these files. It was undoubtedly challenging and lots of fun but everyone’s energy was kept up thanks to the lovely food that was provided which I can testify, that it was really good.

The activities were not the only thing that was challenging, however. Dave Martin, our guest speaker, challenged all of us on “What is the Gospel?”. Over three talks we looked at “The problem behind the Gospel,” where we saw that we need to view ourselves as sinners in need of the Gospel. In the next talk we looked at “The person behind the Gospel”. Dave used great illustrations, stories, and Scripture to show us how Jesus addressed the problem behind the Gospel; our sin. Lastly we looked at “The power within the Gospel,” and how the Gospel changes our lives. The youth really enjoyed these talks and really appreciated Dave’s way of explaining things. There was also much discussion in study groups where we looked at the talks more in depth. Along with listening to great talks and discussion, the youth were encouraged in doing their quiet times and spending time alone with God and how important God’s Word is. 

On the last night the youth dressed up in their costumes all centered around spies and secret agents. There was lots of effort put into costumes and many were in suits and ties with sunglasses. Some even stayed in character all night making us believe they really were spies.

There was lots of fun moments and highlights on camp in conversations about the talks, listening to testimonies of those who have come to faith and even some who came to faith on camp. Looking back at camp and all its great moments we can not but give thanks to God who is behind all of it, working in the hearts of leaders and youth alike to be more like Jesus and to bring Him glory. I hope that those reading this would continue to pray for the work PYV does and especially for future camps.

Looking back at East Camp 2018

Written by Jacob York

The book of Proverbs was the topic for 2018’s East Camp. Led by Nick Arundell, our guest speaker, youth and leaders alike were challenged to Fear the LORD, for this is the beginning of Wisdom. It is amazing that though God is so big, He can be known through trusting in His son the Lord Jesus. After establishing that all godly wisdom comes from fearing the LORD, which ultimately demonstrates itself in trusting in Jesus, we were encouraged to be wise in the way we use our money and our words. Both these things can be good, but they can also be very dangerous, so it was good to learn that God cares about what we do with our money, and what we say. In His Word He gives us practical ways we’re able to use these things to please Him. This was all looked at in greater detail in small study groups, which were an awesome time for encouragement, discussion, questions, and prayer.

Our theme for camp was ‘More than Gold’, a statement that reminded us that God’s wisdom is worth pursuing and possessing more than anything else we can possibly find or own. Lots of campers and youth came dressed in fancy golden costumes for Sunday night’s dinner, including a shout out to two girls who covered themselves in golden paint! Other activities included the classic Scavenger Hunt (wouldn’t be a PYV camp without one), where activity groups had to travel around the enormous Camp Rumbug site, searching for clues and doing activities. These tasks included lifting a bucket of water up to the top of a hill, creating a human pyramid and walking around the campsite with an egg, as well as many more.

Other highlights consisted of basketball games, absolutely delicious food, catching up with old friends and getting to know new people too. What a privilege to come on camp and be challenged and changed, leaving camp better knowing who Jesus is, and being more equipped to do what His Word asks of us, particularly in relation to what we say and how we spend our money. We sang at camp:

‘One day every tongue will confess you are God

One day every knee will bow

Still the greatest treasure remains for those

Who gladly choose you now’.

Most of all, we as leaders pray that the campers who came would learn to Fear the LORD, trusting in Jesus as their Saviour and King, so they, along with us, will joyfully bow and worship the Lord when he returns.

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