Christ Faith Service

Camp Reflections 2019

Hi friends, my name is Ure and I am happy to have the opportunity to share with you my experiences serving at PYV North Camp. I am glad that the Pressy church has camps just dedicated for teenagers and young adults in teaching, discipling and encouraging them to be more like our Lord Jesus Christ.

This year’s theme was to know Jesus more and to conform in him in his likeness and as a result to share that with everyone around. Clinton Le Page’s talks were focused on the first five chapters of the book of Romans which really dives deep into the reasoning of who people are inherently (sinners), what the law does (makes us aware of sin) and what God himself did for humanity (judged sin and redeemed sinners by grace). Although they were big things to reflect upon, I really hope that the teachers and the kids all left for home with a message in their hearts of the depth of God’s love for humanity.

One of the things I love at camp is when the kids go about to do their daily devotions in quiet time. I always wonder what they would be thinking, what questions they are asking God and how they are being encouraged in the Spirit as they sit in silence to be with God! I find that super cool!

In the end, after three full days of singing, eating, reading, talking, tiring, thinking and resting, I always wonder how God continues to be so faithful and loyal in revealing himself to little ones or not very little ones at camp in his own ways!

I encourage anyone who is thinking to join the team for leading PYV or attending PYV to challenge yourself and seek out the opportunity to rest, make friends, and learn more about God in a safe and fun environment, for the glory of God! 

Ure Javkhlan

Camp Reflection 2017

North Camp this year was all about "Romans & Reformation", with Luke Brownley delivering the talks. While the focus was on Romans, we were also treated to some videos with Luke and his kids acting out the stories of some of the reformers. The theme for camp was "Time Travellers", which led to some very interesting and well-executed costume ideas!

Luke brought us three talks: Talk 1 was entitled "How can anyone be right with God?", with a focus on Romans 3. Talk 2 asked "How does grace come?" and looked at Romans 5. Finally, talk three answered the question "What's our part?" by hearing from Romans 4. The studies also helped to expand on these concepts.

The activities were very entertaining. Night games were a highlight here - sneaking past leaders blindly swinging pool noodles, while also avoiding being seen by a spotlight, proved to be very challenging! Another activity that really stood out was when each team had to defrost a solid block of ice to put on the shirt that was frozen inside. The result was a hilarious combination of wildly bashing a frozen shirt on the ground, and watching the wearers shiver as the semi-frozen shirt was unwillingly placed on them!

For me, the highlight of the camp was catching up with each of the guys in my study group, hearing how their faith in God was going, and praying with them. In one study session, our study group also had some practice in apologetics, with the leaders playing devil's advocate to test the campers' understanding of the Gospel. It was really encouraging to see the campers clearly explaining the concepts of our sinfulness, our need for a Saviour, and God's generous gift of his Son to make us right with Him.

Next year I will be looking forward to catching up with these campers again - to hear how they are going in their faith, and to pray with them. After all, what an opportunity to build relationships with the youth in our region!

Matthew Burns

North Camp Leader