Christ Faith Service

North Camp 2016 - The Gospel of John


Essential Details

  • When: 11am Saturday 17th to 2pm Monday 19th September 2016
  • Where: Camp Curumbene, Darrigans Rd, Corop (map)
  • Who: 12 to 21 year olds
  • How Much: $115 (Either full payment of $115 or deposit of $65 required when registering. Cheques are to be made out to "Presbyterian Church of Victoria").
  • Registration: Closes Monday 29th August
  • Theme: Crazy Hats

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About The Topic - The Gospel of John

The book of John in the Bible is an account of Jesus' ministry written by his close friend.  John wants us to believe in Jesus so we can receive eternal life.  To show us that Jesus is indeed the Christ who gives this amazing life, John records miraculous signs performed by Jesus.  But how does Jesus turning water into wine, healing a lame man, healing a man born blind and raising a man from the dead show us this?  Come along to North Camp and we'll find out together!

About The Speaker - Adam Humphries

Adam became a Christian while studying science at La Trobe University.  After working as a scientist for a few years, he did a ministry traineeship before studying at Bible college.  Adam has been the minister at Brimbank Presbyterian Church since 2013.  He is married to Tracey and they have three children - Charlotte, Noah and Toby.



What To Bring

Bible & pens; drink bottle; appropriate clothing; old clothes and shoes for messy activities; bath towel & toiletries; pillow, sleeping bag / doona & sheet; money for bookstall, merchandise & tuckshop; Crazy Hats related costume.

Have Questions?

Contact North Camp Convenor Lexie Adlawan at or call or text the PYV office on 0434 198 156.

Or, check out PYV's North Camp event on Facebook.






Reflections on North Camp 2015


From a camper...

PYV North Camp 2015 was amazing! It was my first time at a PYV camp and I was quite nervous, but a couple of hours into it I realised that there was no reason to be nervous at all! Everyone was so welcoming, the activities were fun and inclusive and the talks that Brian gave were great. I had so much fun and met so many people, I couldn’t believe how well it went!
The main topics that Brian talked about during the weekend were grace and holiness. I learnt a lot from them; including just how amazing God’s grace is. I learnt that God’s grace extends into all areas of my life, not just my sin. I learnt that it teaches us to say no to ungodliness, to live self-controlled lives and to do good things. Also, the merchandise was super cool, I got myself a PYV water bottle and a book on holiness which I’m super excited to start reading.

The highlight of my weekend was definitely getting to know everyone and interacting with all the other campers. The other things that made the camp even more awesome was the bright, warm weather and the food! The food was that type of food that you’d go back to for seconds, thirds and even fourths! I felt super blessed and thankful that I went, and I’m grateful that my mum convinced me to go. I still reflect on the things that I learnt during that weekend, and I can definitely say that it’s been really beneficial in my walk with God. All in all I had a wonderful time at this camp as a first-timer, and I am going to come to more PYV camps and getting more involved in the PYV community. I’m thankful for everyone on the camp who made it as enjoyable as it was!

- Rufaro Chikwanha


From a leader...

Over three days, September 19-21, over 60 campers and leaders from Northern Victoria got together to learn about grace and holiness while enjoying a range of activities under a Jungle Theme. It was an encouraging time as there were were many first timers, particularly from the far northern areas, along with regular North Camp goers. The campsite in Corop provided a range of places for fun, exciting activities to be run, and combined with the sunny weather, were a highlight to many on the camp. Campfire challenges, lip sync battles, jungle themed trivia and the occasional Lion King reenactment are just a few good memories from a fantastic weekend. During this time, youth from the north were able to forge new friendships and experience the community of the church among people their own age. The sessions and study groups were spent grappling with what it means to live under grace and pursue holiness in our lives, whether we are a student in highschool, at our church, or at home. It was really exciting to see campers understand just how relevant and life changing the gospel is. After such a great North Camp, one can only be excited for what 2016 will bring!

- Naomi Cutler