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Will you be required to share a computer/other device with someone else during the camp (e.g. siblings)? Please record the name of the youth you are sharing a computer/device with: (This will assist us as we assign groups.)


Do you give permission for photos, videos and audio taken of your child at PYV Online Camp to be used for promotional and advertising purposes in print and online (including facebook, Instagram, Youtube, PYV Website)?

Privacy Policy

PYV's use of your information is governed by our Privacy Policy which is available on the website.

Guidance For Campers

1. We have planned for Summer Camp Online to unfold in similar ways to camp in real life. So treat the experience as 'real life'. We will be sharing the experience together with real people in real time, so a good mindset to have is to act as you normally would at camp 'face to face' with people. Keep in mind 'the God test' - is this conversation honouring to God? And 'the Parent test' if parents were hearing this would they be comfortable with this interaction.

2. We encourage and recommend that you engage the Faithlife platform either through a computer or tablet rather than a smart phone.

3. Use these forms of technology in an open area where people can see you or there are others present.

4. Please never attempt to message anyone 'one on one' and don't use any direct message features to contact an another individual on camp. All streams of communication MUST happen in an open and public manner in the group feed, virtual meeting or in the group messaging feature.

5. If you receive a direct message for another individual at camp please don't reply to it and have your parent/guardian contact PYV Leadership. (Andrew Edmonds Youth Ministries Director on 0492 906 245 or Camp Convenors Zack & Bec Grace on 0466 305 366).

6. Cyber bullying in anyway will not be tolerated. PYV Summer Camp Online has a strict "no cyber bullying" rule. Any camper found to be engaging in inappropriate or bullying conduct during the camp will be removed from access to the camp and their parents informed. More info about cyber bullying can be found at

7. PYV Leadership will remove a camper from the online camp if the camper has posted content or comments that the leadership deem to be inappropriate or un-edifying. PYV Leadership will contact the parents of the camper and notify them of this.

8. We are private (closed group) but public (everything happens in a group setting). Everyone should seek to be transparent in our online ministry.

9. There is a difference between just observing something online and being an active participant, again this is camp and we are seeking to engage and encourage you through this experience. So go for it! The more you give to camp the more you will benefit from camp. Further Camp Safety guidance information relating to campers, leaders and parents can be found at

For the Safe Church Guidelines for Online Ministry click here.


I understand that this registration is accepted on the condition that financial responsibility incurred as a result of any accident or illness cannot be assumed by PYV.

I agree to abide by the decisions of the camp convenors and act in a considerate manner towards the other campers.

I have let the camp leaders know on this form of any known condition likely to affect safety or comfort of myself and other campers.

Payment Options

Please make full payment for this camp upon registration. Please see payment information on the camp page.

Please Note: If you are paying by cheque please make cheques payable to 'Presbyterian Church Victoria' and post via mail to:

Presbyterian Youth Victoria
268 Canterbury Road
Heathmont, Vic 3135

If you are unable to make payments via the options below, please contact 

Parent Consent

Parents name to affirm above
(if camper 17 and under)