Christ Faith Service

West Camp Online Reflections

Woah, what an unforeseen start to 2020 we have had. Regardless of what was happening across the globe and Australia it was still super encouraging to see West Camp still run even though it looked a bit different than normal. We still had sessions, activities, bible studies and great camp food but this time all in the comfort of our own home. How God has blessed us, to be living in a time-period where many of us have access to internet and a working computer. Using technology to still connect and have fellowship even during a time of isolation!

Our first session was Saturday morning. We went through the rules, sang and prayed together. Then Toby McIntosh spoke to us from the book of Galatians. During this talk Toby left us on a cliff hanger: “What an Aussie teen needs most is…” The program crashed, Facebook messenger started going off, everybody alerting each other that they were unable to connect. After a few minutes we got word that we’ll try again. After a cheeky program change it was all steam ahead, we found out that “what an Aussie teen needs most is God’s grace”. That set the tone for the rest of camp. All we need is the gospel. We need to make sure that our understanding of the gospel is true and biblical without adding anything extra or taking anything away. Toby reminded many of us that we are saved only by grace and faith, nothing of ourselves. His talks finished with a practical warning. We are not to be sowing sin into our lives, and not to abuse the grace of God.

There were two study groups, Junior’s (Year 7-9) and Seniors (Year 10-12), in them we continued through the book of Galatians. The main theme focused on the grace of God and the faith in Jesus that is required for justification.  It was also very helpful to learn that God sends the Holy Spirit to equip His people. The leaders did a great job at keeping us engaged and actively participating. 

Shady and Sherif Makar kept us entertained with the classic “Late Show” but slightly earlier. The brother duo enlightened us with memes, ‘TikTok’ and ‘Kahoot’. With some great prizes to be won, the competition was on. Personally, I thought there were some really good Kahoot names!  I’ll look forward to the return of the Makar brothers at the next camp!

I want to thank the PYV folk and Nick for working so hard in the weeks prior to camp and for letting the camp continue even with all this Corona going around. I believe many of us are keen to be able to meet together again and to continue in fellowship one day on another camp. We can thank the Lord that we were able to make the best of a difficult situation and remember that it is all because of God that we can have a camp running. We thank Him for providing leaders that are passionate about sharing Jesus with the youth.

Noah Paterson