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West Camp Online

West Camp Online

Although West Camp in Halls Gap needed to be cancelled last week, we didn’t want you to miss out! So we are launching West Camp Online in its place this weekend (March 28th-30th).  

The camp experience will be hosted on the Faithlife platform. Through this host site our camp group will be private and participants will only have access by 'invite only' with parental permission (Safe Church compliant). We chose this platform for the camp because it provides a centralised group experience that isn’t accessible to the public for our virtual meetings.  

Faithlife also gives all of the participants the ability to post, make prayer requests, have live discussions, share the Bible, and witness live Bible talks all in the one platform. The feed will unfold according to the camp schedule with opportunities for interaction throughout the day in various ways. We encourage and recommend youth engage the platform either through a computer or tablet. The Faithlife platform will be accessible as a website or an app that can be downloaded for devices. West Camp Online will feature elements of what you usually have at a PYV camp and also follow a similar schedule.

All that is needed to participate is access to a device with internet during the March 28th-30th timeframe.

For more information on Safe Church guidlines for online ministry please click here.



You can register here anew for this weekend, just click the Participant Register Here link below . There is no cost, but it’s important that parents of youth participating in the online ministry provide permission for their youth (under 18). This happens as part of the camp registration process.


PYV would be grateful for the presence and participation of leaders at West Camp Online, however considering the short notice, you are not under obligation to attend this event. If you wish to attend and participte you will also need to register here by clicking the 18+ Register Here link below.


After registering for the camp you will receive (via email) an invitation to join the West Camp Group on Faithlife. Follow the link given in the invite email and once you are signed in you will be on the page and ready for the online version of West Camp.


Parents you are welcome to join a special West Camp Parents group that is on the same Faithlife platform as West Camp Online, but this is a group that is seperate from the West Camp group. The goal is for parents to be kept informed and given updates during the weekend. If you would like to be a part of this please email your request for an invite to West Camp Parents Group by emailing Suzy at

If you have any questions or concerns regarding West Camp Online please do not hesitate to call us on 0434 198 156 or contact Andrew Edmonds directly on 0492 906 245.

Please pray for the Lord to mightily use West Camp Online in the lives of all who participate this weekend.


        Participant Register Here (17 and under)

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         18+ Register Here

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About the Speaker

For the last 9 years Toby was associate pastor at Warrnambool Presbyterian Church, in July 2019 he started at Ebenezer Presy in Ballarat. Toby has also lived in Ararat, Macedon, Nhill,  and the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Toby lives with his amazing wife Michelle, his 4 amazing daughters and his amazing 1965 Valiant. Toby loves talking about Jesus, good sports like AFL and classic cars. Toby prefers to talk to people instead of trees or animals.


About the Topic

The gospel is key to Christianity. Without the gospel Christianity is just another religion. Galatians is a short letter that explains why freedom is only found in the gospel of Christ. On camp we will open up Galatians through talks and bible studies. The gospel makes all the difference. The gospel is the greatest gift to teens in 2020 and the gospel will enable teens to make the most of 2020 and have the best life that God wants for them.


About the Convener

Nick is from Warrnambool and attends and serves at Warrnambool Presbyterian Church. He heads up the youth group ministry in Warnambool and loves being involved in the church community through serving the church and people around him in many various ways. Nick loves to talk to people about Jesus and to help people see their own personal need for Jesus to be their Lord and Saviour. Nick is looking forward to West Camp 2020 and can't wait to see you all on camp learning more about Jesus and what he has in store for your life, all while having a great time.  


What To Bring

A computer or laptop device.


Have Questions?

Contact West Camp Convener Nick:

or the PYV Office: or 0434 198 156.