Christ Faith Service

West 2017 - Romans & Reformation

  • When: Friday 7th (arrive 4pm) - Mon 10th April (finish 2pm)
  • Where: Norval Lodge, Halls Gap
  • Speaker: Rev. Brian Harvey
  • Who Can Come: 12 - 21 year olds
  • How Much: $140 (Either full payment of $140 or deposit of $70 required when registering. Cheques are to be made out to "Presbyterian Church of Victoria").
  • Costume: Dress as something beginning with the first letter of your name
  • Registration: Opens 10th Feb, closes 16th March 2017 (Late registrations will be accepted solely at the discretion of the Camp Convenor)
  • All our leaders are Safe Church compliant more info

The Talks

500 years ago in Germany, something significant happened, although the people there may not have realised it at the time. Around 1500 years before that, something significant happened in Jerusalem, and again the people there may not have realised it at the time. At West Camp 2017 we will see how the gospel of Jesus Christ began its impact in Jerusalem and how this thing called 'The Reformation" impacts our lives today. We will be using the book of Romans to help us.

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About The Speaker - Brian Harvey

Brian has been involved in ministry to youth since he joined a youth group at 13. Over those years he has been in ministry with the Salvation Army and over the last ten years with the Presbyterian Church. In 2012 he became the Youth Ministries Director. Brian is married to Anne and they have two sons. He enjoys reading about ministry to youth, and historical fiction, and he enjoys riding his motorbike.

About Your Convenor - Toby McIntosh

Toby grew up in a loving atheist family, at Uni he became a Christian. After Uni Toby worked as an Agronomist in the West Wimmera and then got involved in youth ministry in South Australia and Western Victoria. Toby lives with 5 beautiful women and serves as one of the pastors at Warrnambool Presbyterian Church. Toby loves Jesus, coffee and Valiants. Jesus is a country bloke who cares deeply about the youth of Victoria.

What To Bring

Bible & pens; drink bottle; appropriate clothing (including sunhat, t-shirts & shorts for pool); old clothes for messy activities; bath towel & toiletries; pillow, sleeping bag/doona; money for bookstall, merchandise & tuckshop. Also, don't forget to bring a costume that starts with the first letter of your name!


Have Questions?

Contact West Camp Convenor Toby McIntosh:

or the PYV Office: or 0434 198 156.

Or join the Facebook event and ask there.



Looking back on West Camp 2015

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To see photos of Wild Wild West Camp 15, click here.

by Jacob Daffy

Wild Wild West Camp 2015 gave us an opportunity to be lawless, gun-slinging outlaws. It was completely wild, with over the top Mexican costumes, uncontrollable singing at dinner, and Texan accents everywhere. The speaker was Heath Easton, minister at Drouin Presbyterian church. Each talk began with mystery and intrigue, as everybody wondered what the outcome of Heath's 5 minute jokes would be, but it was a hard task to stop laughing at the inexplicable endings. Grace and holiness were the twin themes, and the talks were engaging and challenging. We found out how to be saved, and what that salvation meant for the rest of our lives - bearing fruit of love expressed in many different ways. Bible studies brought it home as we expounded botanical metaphors and converted them into practical applications for each person. 

The activities were a highlight - we somehow managed to play 'not I, sir' (a game set in the 18th century involving a stolen cookie jar) for over an hour without noticing the time, and the wild west activities helped us to convince ourselves that we were cow tipping, sheriff shooting cowboys and tumbleweeds. Stuart McNabb's videos at the start of sessions helped us relive Matt Graham's soon to be infamous catwalk and Mary Millsteed's record breaking scream (both segments of a contest somewhat similar to the hunger games the night before.) Bush dancing and bush walking took us to the warm heart of the country.

If next year's West Camp is anything like this one, expect great company, a mix of city and country people in a beautiful setting, and an opportunity to understand God's message and get to know him better.



It was a camp of seconds. The second West Camp ever with people venturing from all over the state to be able to experience the bestest at the westest camp. Hayden Millsteed was declared second coolest to Joy Venning by a sympathy vote. The Country was declared second to the City at soccer, although the City had an unfair advantage as they didn’t have their shirts tucked into their pants which obviously restricted the movement of the amazing Country athletes. Country will win next year. Aaaaand most importantly, there was always seconds of food at meal times.

Surprisingly, for Halls Gap, it wasn’t really THAT cold. The sun was shining, the wallabies were jumping and the campers were having an awesome time. The talks by Vinesy were amazing! They were all about God’s Will for our lives and how we can decipher what that is. We should never underestimate the power of the Word or of the Holy Spirit. It was so encouraging to hear the feedback from the studies as so many of the campers formed a deeper understanding of God’s Will and what that means for them. It was amazing for me leading on my first camp to see their ‘Ohhhhh-I-get-it-that-is-amazing’ faces as they listened to the talks and were able to apply it to their own lives. The worship on camp was also really inspiring and the camp favourite ‘Bless the Lord, O my Soul’ was sung in varying pitches of falsetto at all times of the day.

The activities on camp were very creative and at some times extremely terrifying. Boys + zombies = screaming girls. It was so frightening to see the older boys, particularly Jesse Crabb. He was like a nightmare come true with his head cocked to the side, his eyes rolling around in his head and drool pouring out of his mouth. And unintelligible moans followed all those he hunted.

In the Vox Pops, a fierce debate began over the legitimacy of the onesie’s coolness. Mainstream. Fluffy. Warm. Saunas of sweat. Babies’ clothes. Cute. All words used to describe the infamous onesie. Beards were also discussed in the Vox Pops and it was said that ‘Only real men have beards.’ Sam Moody and James Venning were impressed with themselves.

One can undoubtedly say that West Camp is the best camp. Not only does it have some wicked rhyming skills but it has the people and most importantly, the God to match it.