Christ Faith Service

West 2019 - What is the Gospel?

    • When: Saturday 6th April - Monday 8th April 2019
    • Where: Norval Lodge, Halls Gap
    • Speaker: Russ Grinter on 'What is the Gospel?'
    • Who Can Come: 12 year olds - Year 12
    • How Much: $120 (Financial Assistance is available!) Either full payment of $120 or deposit of $70 required when registering. Cheques are to be made out to "Presbyterian Church of Victoria"
    • Theme: Safari
    • Registration: Opens 30th Jan, closes 20th March 2019 (Late registrations will be accepted solely at the discretion of the Camp Convenor)
    • All our leaders are Safe Church compliant more info
    • Arrival Time: 11am - 11:30am on Saturday
    • Pick up Time: 1pm on Monday



    Camp registrations are now closed

    About The Speaker - Russ Grinter

    Russ grew up on a farm where he planted lots of wheat, barley and canola - and now he lives in the city of Bendigo where he is planting the gospel in people’s lives. Russ grew up in a youth group of 5 teenagers, and has a heart for connecting regional youth to Christ and His church. He loves Jesus, cherishes his wife Aimee and their three kids Knox, Wesley & Chloe; and is passionate about making disciples and making leaders. Russ loves to read, write and talk and talk and talk. For a bit of extra fun Russ enjoys eating hot dogs, kicking a rugby ball, and playing Farming Simulator on his second-hand X-Box One.

    About The Topic - What is the Gospel?

    In a world of bad news, the gospel is good news. The gospel is a declaration of what God has done to save sinners through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The gospel is simple, profound and different to every other message you could hear. The gospel is a message that needs to be heard, believed and proclaimed. The gospel is the good news we’ve all been waiting for. This year at West Camp we will see what the gospel is and what the gospel is not. On this weekend we’ll see how the gospel makes all the difference to your life now, and forever.



    About Your Convenors - Jesse & Naomi Crabb

    We are both Presbyterian Minister's children. Going on Christian camps had a huge impact on both of us. Camps helped us grow in our Christian faith and knowledge. They also helped the spark that led to our marriage. We now live in a small town north of Ballarat, with our two children (who will be on camp) and an array of animals (which will not). We attend Daylesford Presbyterian Church.

    What To Bring

    Bible & pens; drink bottle; appropriate clothing (including sunhat, t-shirts & shorts for pool); old clothes for messy activities; bath towel & toiletries; your own pillow (Norval Lodge no longer providing), sleeping bag/doona; money for bookstall & merchandise and a 'Safari' themed costume for dinner.


    Have Questions?

    Contact West Camp Convenors Jesse & Naomi:

    or the PYV Office: or 0434 198 156.

    Or join the Facebook event and ask there.



    Looking back on West Camp 2015

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    To see photos of Wild Wild West Camp 15, click here.

    by Jacob Daffy

    Wild Wild West Camp 2015 gave us an opportunity to be lawless, gun-slinging outlaws. It was completely wild, with over the top Mexican costumes, uncontrollable singing at dinner, and Texan accents everywhere. The speaker was Heath Easton, minister at Drouin Presbyterian church. Each talk began with mystery and intrigue, as everybody wondered what the outcome of Heath's 5 minute jokes would be, but it was a hard task to stop laughing at the inexplicable endings. Grace and holiness were the twin themes, and the talks were engaging and challenging. We found out how to be saved, and what that salvation meant for the rest of our lives - bearing fruit of love expressed in many different ways. Bible studies brought it home as we expounded botanical metaphors and converted them into practical applications for each person. 

    The activities were a highlight - we somehow managed to play 'not I, sir' (a game set in the 18th century involving a stolen cookie jar) for over an hour without noticing the time, and the wild west activities helped us to convince ourselves that we were cow tipping, sheriff shooting cowboys and tumbleweeds. Stuart McNabb's videos at the start of sessions helped us relive Matt Graham's soon to be infamous catwalk and Mary Millsteed's record breaking scream (both segments of a contest somewhat similar to the hunger games the night before.) Bush dancing and bush walking took us to the warm heart of the country.

    If next year's West Camp is anything like this one, expect great company, a mix of city and country people in a beautiful setting, and an opportunity to understand God's message and get to know him better.



    Looking back on West 2014


    by Jemimah Moody

    Check out photos from West Camp here.

    Unfortunately, recordings of the camp talks are not available.

    PYV West Camp was an opportunity for churches on the western side of Victoria to come together for friendship, community and to study God’s Word. I was encouraged through the talks and through the friends I made.

    Mark Smith was our speaker, talking on the book of Habakkuk. His talks were many people’s highlight of the camp. Mark addressed the topic of ‘Trusting God in Hard Times’ which we then studied and discussed in our small groups. I had never read Habakkuk before and many other people hadn’t read it either but by the end of the camp I could find it speedily in my Bible!

    The games and activities organised by Kellie and Ben McLeod were great fun. The campers and leaders had a fantastic time undertaking the challenges given to them. Halls Gap is an excellent location for the activities. Some of us walked to the top of the pinnacle, some did the beautiful Wonderland Walk and of course some of us got ice creams from the famous Halls Gap ice-cream parlour (despite the rain). The rainy weather was under whelming and kept some of the games inside but it turned into quality time for the campers to bond.

    Stuart McNabb made hilarious video logs of each day. People were interviewed and there was creative singing and dancing sneakily caught on film. In the perennial country v city soccer match, the country team won for the first time! Much time was spent playing cards, which involved some intense games of Set, Cheat and Uno.

    On the last night of camp we had a Disney themed dinner and dressed up as Disney characters. The costumes ranged from Cruella De Vil to Winnie the Pooh, (who accidently dropped her jar of honey on the carpet). It was a delightful night with a bonfire, tie dying and basketball playing.


    From those of us on camp: thanks to all who helped in preparing and organising PYV West Camp 2014.