Christ Faith Service

This year the Catechism experience launches on July 13th (start of Term 3) in a new format designed to encourage individuals and families (and small groups can benefit also).

When you register here at we will mail you a copy of the 'FIRM IN THE FAITH' book that serves as a guide to give you and your family a resource to learn and grow in the truth of the Westminister Shorter Catechism. The book is a guide that people of all ages can benefit from and is best experienced when two or more work through the resource together.

Participation in the Catechism Experience will take place through an online closed group on the ( Faithlife platform that we will use to communicate and engage your responses.

The Faithlife platform interaction gives both children, youth and adults the opportunity to share through creative and/or structured activities and to learn alongside and encourage other families. Note that children (age zero to twelve) who wish to be involved will need to register through a single family account, but individuals who are age thirteen and above can register their own account, as long as they have their parent's permission to do so. This ministry will be conducted in a child-safe manner and in accordance with Safe Church PCV and PYV's Online Safety Compliance Statement.

There will be cash rewards for participants from age zero to eighteen years who make an effort to engage across the 12 weeks.

After the experience closes on Cup Day individual engagement will be assessed and rewarded accordingly. The general rule on this is we reward what you put in.

Can you finish the experience and cross the line by November 3rd?

So sign up as an individual, family or group and help each other to become FIRM IN THE FAITH!

Register here: