Christ Faith Service


PYV records the talks at each of its camps, and makes them available on the PYV website a short time after.

You can check out selected radio shows from the past few years too.

Summer Camp 2017/18


Pete Sorrenson

Talk One: "Love, Love?" (Matthew 22:34-40)

Talk Two: "Heartbroken?" (Genesis 3:1-19)

Talk Three: "The Relationship Revolution" (Mark 10:35-45)

Talk Four: "True Romance?" (Song of Songs 7:1-13)

Talk Five: "BFF" (John 15:13-15)

                                                                                                            Talk Six: "The Truth About Relationships"



"Prayer" - Clinton Le Page

"Reading the Bible" - Joel Otten

Celia Yu - Testimony


Radio Show

Hayden Millsteed & Kellie McLeod

Radio Show 1

Radio Show 2

Radio Show 3

Radio Show 4



North Camp 2017

"Romans & the Reformation"

Luke Brownley

Talk One: "How can anyone be right with God?" (Romans 3:9-24)

Talk Two: "How does grace come?" (Romans 5)

Talk Three: "What's our part?" (Romans 4)




North Camp 2015

Winter Camp 2010 Talks & Radio Show

With three camps running at the 2010 Winter Camp there were many subjects and issues covered.

Below are the talks from Senior and Junior Camps, and the Junior Camp radio shows.




Rev. Clinton Le Page

Session One - Ecclesiastes 1:1-14, Without God, Life Has No Meaning

Session Two - Ecclesiastes 2, Pleasures and the Meaning of Life

Session Three - Ecclesiastes 5, Wealth and the Meaning of Life

Session Four - Ecclesiastes 12, Death and the Meaning of Life


Rev. Andrew Vines & Toby McIntosh

Session One - Matthew 27:62-66, What If The Body Goes Missing? (AV)

Session Two - Matthew 28:1-10, Raised in Glory! (AV)

Session Three - Matthew 28:11-15, The Great Cover-Up (AV)

Session Four - The Great Commission or the Great Ignore? (TM)

Junior Camp Radio Show

Scott McNabb & Ashleigh Haughey

Night One

Night Two

Night Three



Summer Camp 2009/10 Talks & Radio Show


Rev. Peter Owen

Session One : How Does God Relate To Mankind?

Session Two : Justification

Session Three : Work Of Christ At The Cross

Session Four : Christ's Lifetime Of Daily Obedience

Session Five : Our Adoption

Session Six : Q&A Panel with Rev. Peter Owen, Rev. Miles Fagan, Brian Harvey & Sandra Burns




The Radio Show was one of the highlights of Summer Camp 2009/10.

Scott McNabb and Pete Wishart had some memorable moments throughout the shows, with the main moment being the introduction of talkback to the show.

Click the links below to relive Radio Show 2009/10

Show #1 - Sunday December 27th

Show #2 - Monday December 28th

Show #3 - Tuesday December 29th

Show #4 - Wednesday December 30th