Christ Faith Service

Latest Prayer & Praise Points

Please join with PYV in praying for the following:

PYV Camps

  • Pray for conveners and their teams as they prepare for the upcoming camps
  • Pray for the speakers

For more information on our camps, please go to the camps page.

    Local Youth Ministries

    • Praise for the youth nights/events which have already happened this year all around the state.
    • Prayer for both the leaders and youth, as they share their faith with other youth who come along.
    • Prayer for wisdom and support for the churches starting youth ministries this year.


    The world

    • Pray for the gospel to reach all nations and language-groups.
    • Pray for persecuted Christians to stay strong in faith, love and witness.
    • Pray for our governments to govern wisely and to uphold godly laws.

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