Christ Faith Service

Job Descriptions

Are you volunteering to serve God with PYV? Thinking about it? There are many roles to fill! We have job descriptions for each role so that we can all effectively work together for the glory of God and to bless others.

If you're committing to a role, please download it and read it carefully. Your job will be so much easier because you'll benefit from the experience of those who've done it before! And there are timelines to keep you on track, so put it on your noticeboard, fridge or forehead to check often. Whatever works!


The PYV Council is made up of a maximum ten Councillors.  There are three office bearing positions: Convenor, Secretary and Treasurer.  Job descriptions for all are below:


PYV has two paid positions that assist in the ongoing operation of the ministry.  These two positions are:


Contrary to the camps, the events in being run by a smaller team do not require job descriptions.  Instead, event profiles have been developed to outline how the events are to run and how they fit into the wider PYV plan.