Christ Faith Service

2017 Training Nights


September 11, 2017

"Science & Faith"

Rev. Adam Humphries
7:30pm, Epping Presbyterian Church (773 High St, Epping)

Science or faith, do you have to choose? Often we are led to believe that you can't faithfully follow Jesus while also accepting science.  But this is not true. While there may be tensions at times it is possible to hold science and faith together.  This workshop will look at defining science and faith, at the myth of a conflict between the two and at how the two relate to each other.

Rev. Adam Humphries completed an Arts/Science degree at La Trobe University and worked in a Biochemistry laboratory for three years, studying mitochondria.  He became a Christian at University and later trained for ministry.  He is now the minister at Brimbank Presbyterian Church.

If you're interested a link to some of Adam's research work:

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Older Events...


February 1, 2017

"Dietrich Bonhoeffer as Youth Worker"

Andrew Root
7:30pm, Whitley College

If you have been to any workshop that Brian has been teaching, you've probably heard him talk about Dr. Andrew Root. Here is a chance to come and hear Andrew talk about youth ministry. Please register your interest via the email address on the poster.For more information, click here

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March 1, 2017

"Introduction to Mental Health First Aid"

Aaron Garth

7:30-9:30pm, Eltham Presbyterian Church (23 Batman Rd, Eltham VIC 3095)
$10 (includes supper; or $50 for whole team)

Mental Illness affects one in four young people across australia. It is the leading cause for school refusal, relationship breakdown and overall burden on the health system. As youth leaders the likelihood of us being in a position where one of our young people needs support is high. If you don't know how to help, you may cause more harm. In tonight's session we will look at:

  • What is mental illness         
  • Why its important to understand this for youth workers
  • Impact of Mental illness       
  • How Mental illness affects Adolescent development
  • Some key data on Mental illness
  • Barriers to help seeking

Aaron Garth is the Executive Director of Ultimate Youth Worker and Youth Studies Coordinator of Eastern College Australia. Aaron has worked as a youth worker in a number of settings including local church, street drug and alcohol outreach, family services, residential care, local government and youth homelessness since 2003. Aaron holds a Master of Social Work, Bachelor of Social Science (Youth Work), Certificate IV in TAE and certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drug Work. Aaron is recognized as one of Australia's foremost knowledge workers in the youth field.

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April 3, 2017

"Building a Theology of Youth Ministry"

Brian Harvey

7:30-9:30pm, Heathmont Presbyterian Church (268 Canterbury Rd, Heathmont VIC 3135)
$5 (includes supper)

Is theology important in making ministry to youth effective? I believe the answer is yes. What is the theology that lies at the foundation of youth ministry in a church? This is a question that you might not be asking, but you should be. And you might not know where to find an answer. That's where we come to help. At this PYV Training Event, we will help you to see some aspects of theology that will help you answer the question. I look forward to seeing you there.

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May 1, 2017

"Autism and Youth Ministry"

Alex Venn

7:30-9:30pm, Wyndham Presbyterian Church

$5 (includes supper)

In recent years there has been a growth in the understanding of autism. There has also been a corresponding growth in the number of young people considered to be autistic. This means that most of our churches will have children in the community who are seen to be autistic. And those children will become teenagers.

How do we minister to autistic teenagers and to their families?

PYV is pleased to be hosting a training event to support churches who are doing this, and to help churches who know they will need to be doing this in the future.

Alex Venn was involved with PYV for many years, and has a good understanding of ministry to youth. He has also been working with autistic teenagers for a number of years. He will be using his experience to guide us in how to do youth ministry with autistic teens.

This training event will be on Monday, May 1 at Wyndham Presbyterian Church, 116 Black Forest Rd, Wyndham Vale. We will begin at 7.30pm and conclude at 9.30pm. Cost is $5.00 and supper is provided.

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July 19, 2017

"Disciples Who Will Last"

How to build your youth ministry - and build your church - by making disciples who make disciples

Tim Hawkins
7:20 - 9:30pm, Surrey Hills Presbyterian Church (Cnr Canterbury & Warrigal Roads, Surrey Hills)

$10pp or $50 for church team

Tim Hawkins is one of the most experienced Generational Leadership Coaches in the world. He has been developing leaders from the emerging generation for over 40 years. Tim and his wife, Karen, are now pursuing a vision to help raise up the next generation of worldwide leadership.

Tim has worked with executives at the corporate level, community organisations, churches, as well as many schools and colleges. He is now available to help train your leaders to achieve far more than they could ever imagine.

Tim has published many leadership books - has spoken on six continents - and is a master of communication.
He will hand-design a training package that will fit your unique needs.

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