Christ Faith Service

Summer Camp '17-'18 - Relationships

Essential Details

  • When: Wed 27th Dec 2017 to Mon 1st Jan 2018
    Arrive: 3:00pm Depart: 2:00pm
  • Where: Rawson Village, Rawson
    Pinnacle Drive, Rawson, VIC, 3825
  • Who: 12 - 21 yr olds
  • How Much: $320 - Camper Financial Assistance is available
  • Registration: 24th Oct - 5th Dec 2016
  • Theme: Under the Sea

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About The Speaker - Pete Sorrenson

Pete is the servant of one great God, the husband of one great wife :) and the father of four great kids... (and he loves being all three.)  As team-leader of the AFES staff-team at Deakin University, Burwood, Pete partners with the wonderful Christian Union group to help students CONNECT with Jesus, GROW in Jesus and STAND for Jesus on campus.  He's grateful to be a member of St Stephens Presbyterian Church, Surrey Hills, and on days off enjoys cutting all electronic access to the outside world - unless in the form of televised sport...

About The Topic - Relationships

God has a wonderful design for relationships - first with him, and then with others.  And in a world with so much to say - especially now - about relationships, God has made His design known - in His Son, in His word.  At PYV17 we'll explore that design together; and as we do, we'll see again the true life, and true love, that can only be found in Him.



There will be an opportunity for campers to attend a workshop while on camp. Please see below for topics & outlines and prayerfully consider which you might like to attend:

How to Read the Bible - Joel Otten
•  Why do I find it hard to read the Bible?
•  Can the Bible actually help me? Can it help others?
•  What do I do with the Old Testament? If I have the New Testament, what’s the point of reading the Old?
•  How do I read the Bible when society in general believes it’s outdated, irrelevant and unethical?

How to Pray - Clinton LePage
• Are you not sure why you should bother praying?
• Are you struggling for motivation to pray?
• Do you find it hard to think of things to pray for?
• Do you long for a closeness with your Heavenly Father?
• Come along to be encouraged in your faith and prayer life.
• Prayer: Why? When? How? What?

The Gospel - Sam Moody
• What are the bare necessities of being a Christian?
• Am I a Christian?
• How do I explain my faith to other people?
Come along to figure out what the gospel is, if you believe in Jesus and how to tell other people about him.

Missions - Kirsten Bryant
God’s word is pretty clear about what Christian Mission is, but there still seems to be so many other questions that you can’t seem to find the answers to.
• Where and how can I do mission?
• What sorts of things should I expect when it comes to mission?
• Why go on mission?
Using God’s word as a foundation and looking at the experiences of many people who have gone before, this workshop aims to look at some of the questions that people on mission wish they’d had answered before they went out in the hope that they will also answer some of the questions you might have about Christian mission now.

What To Bring

Bible & pens; drink bottle; appropriate clothing; old clothes and shoes for messy activities; bath towel & toiletries; pillow, sleeping bag / doona & sheet; money for bookstall, merchandise & tuckshop; and an 'Under the Sea' themed costume for NYE!!

Have Questions?

Contact Summer Camp Convenor Ash Haughey at or on 0434 198 156, or go to the Facebook page.






Looking back on Summer Camp 16/17


By Nathan Smith (Drouin Presbyterian Church)

Summer Camp 16/17, for me, was one of the best things PYV has put on in my time going to camps. Although I have never had a bad speaker or discouraging leader in my time with PYV, this topped the list.

The numbers were down a little with not so many older campers which for me, changed the camp not having as many friends around. But that didn’t matter in the end; the activities this year gave a great challenge for a large skill range. Whether you could run 2km in 5 minutes, paint a detailed picture of a Shrek and Donkey, or remember the year each Disney cartoon was released, you could participate in the activities in one way, shape or form, and enjoy them. When you weren’t running around like a headless chicken, the leaders were there to play, talk and keep you company. Their effort in studies and activities also were outstanding making for a non-stop, exciting time.

The camp was a whole lot of fun, to say the absolute least, but there’s one thing that made the camp. Each day, campers, leaders and all met in the Sessions room to praise God and listen to His word. The music team, led by Kevin, played some really moving, modern, praise and worship songs that really connected with the age bracket attending and led into some encouraging events. Jared Keath (minister of Frankston Presbyterian Church) presented a talk each and every day from Exodus to just over 150 campers and numerous leaders; a pretty tough gig to be honest. But, man, did he do it well.

Jared mainly looked at the life of Moses, but the way he compared that and made it relevant to us today is astounding. The connections were a great encouragement and challenge at the same time. The main points we learnt/were reminded of were the God is faithful and in control, that He’s King, Judge and Saviour all at the same time, and His overflowing holiness. Along with this, I personally had the greatest encouragement on the fourth day where Jared read of the Israelites leaving God when they were tested. And the way he related that to us was so encouraging; God works through tough situations to 1. see the heart of the person and 2. work for the good of those who love Him. For me, that was extremely relevant and a great encouragement. If you want to hear more about this and the other talks, you can check them out on the PYV Website (

I’ve talked for a bit long but to wrap up briefly, camp this time around has been oh so very well done. Encouraging, challenging, relationship-building, great fun, character-building and faith-strengthening (most of which are [hyphenated] words I made up). Before I sign off, I’d like to say a huge thank you to Jared for some spectacular talks, Sherif for organising some great studies, to Callum for the entertaining activities, Bec for the fun sessions, the First-Aiders for all your time and effort, Chaplains for support, Radio show hosts and other leaders too. And second lastly, Brian for all the effort and direction you give in these camps. And finally, Kirsten for putting so much into this year’s (and last’s) camp and giving it the best possible opportunity to influence and bring young youth into a relationship with God.


By Brian Harvey (Youth Ministries Director)

For six days from Dec 27 2016 to Jan 1 2017, nearly 130 campers along with a terrific team of leaders gathered at Rawson Village in Gippsland for the 2016 PYV Summer Camp. Over these days we spent time together as a large group, time as smaller groups, and even time alone. And it was all done to the glory of God.
Rev Jared Keath preached six times from the book of Exodus. Through these sermons he helped us to see not only how God was active in the time of Moses in Egypt, but that God is still very much active today in our towns and in our lives. We were able to see through the first 13 chapters of Exodus that God is a God who is holy, who is faithful, who makes himself known, and much more. Jared helpfully led us to see that what we read here points forward to Jesus. How blessed we are to have preachers of this calibre in our churches, helping us to understand the Old Testament in light of all that Jesus has done.
The campers were divided into smaller groups to reflect on what they had heard in the sermons. There were good discussions taking place in these small groups, and I am thankful for the chance to have been a part of those discussions. If you have some from your church who were at the camp, please talk with them about what they heard and discussed in these groups. I hope they will be able to share with you some of the good things they talked about.
Campers were also divided up into smaller activity groups. Where the study groups were age-based, the activity groups were divided evenly so all groups had younger and older, shorter and taller campers involved. Through the camp there were a number of activities everybody was involved in. Each of these activities scored points for their team and when there is chocolate for a prize, you don't want to waste the chance to win.
Campers and leaders also had time each day to sit quietly and read through a passage of scripture and reflect on it. Some questions were offered to everyone to consider as they read through that passage. It is our undying hope that teenagers will use this model when they get home and be able to read through the Bible consistently and give thought to what they are reading.
The weather wasn't always in our favour, and so a few activities needed to be changed. Our leadership team at camp were amazing and were able to put some other plans into place to create a time that was still fun even if we needed to be inside.
PYV acknowledges the amazing work of Kirsten Bryant as convener for the camp, and we also thank the team she put together. It has been a great week, but much of that is because of the work that Kirsten and her executive team put in before camp.
We have prayed for safety, and we believe God has answered that prayer. We prayed that God would move hearts, and we believe that God has answered that prayer. One girl has come to faith in Jesus. Please pray for her as she returns to a family that don't share her faith. May God support her in remarkable ways.
Rev Toby McIntosh, supported by Nathan Barbieri, were also there leading the YouthMETRO training. This intensive week included an introduction to theology and evangelism training. It was wonderful to see these trainees out amongst the other campers sharing their faith. Not only is this a safe place for them to practice, it is also a time that God moves hearts. It was through the clear language of these trainees that the girl mentioned above came to faith.
Thank you for your constant interest and support for PYV. As always, please keep an eye on our website or our Facebook page to keep up to date with what is happening through PYV. There's always something on the go.