Presbyterian Youth Victoria aims to make and nurture disciples of the Lord Jesus among the youth and children of Victoria, bringing youth from all across the state together to encounter the Gospel, be encouraged, and build positive friendships in a safe environment. Under God, we long to see children and youth across the state grow to become mature followers of Jesus.

We primarily do this with annual camps and one-day events throughout the year where we equip youth and their leaders to continue to grow in and serve Christ every day in their local churches and youth groups.

PYV is a volunteer-run organisation. In addition to the many volunteer leaders recruited for each camp or event, six subcommittees meet across the year to plan and prepare for PYV's next event, overseen by the Youth and Children's Committee of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria (the PYCC):

  1. The Operations subcommittee;
  2. the Finance subcommittee;
  3. the Policy and Procedure subcommittee;
  4. the Promotions subcommittee;
  5. the Leadership Accreditation subcommittee;
  6. and the Interview Panel for the hire of new workers.

To support the work of these volunteers Erin Dykstra is employed as our events manager and a remote assistant is employed to monitor the mail inbox. We are looking for a godly gifted team player who is passionate to see children and youth discipled in our denomination to take up the role of a Youth and Children's worker - directing and discipling youth and leaders alike. Read more below: