Drouin Big Day Out

Missing a little bit of PYV action? Keen to see some friends, have some fun, and hear from the Bible? Come along to our Big Day Out in Drouin!

When 10am - 3:30pm, Saturday May 4th (2024)
Where Cnr Church St & Winters Ave, Drouin VIC 3818 (map)
Who Year 7s - Year 12s
Speaker Heath Easton
Topic Adoption
Cost $10 (includes food & drink)
Registration Open until 2nd May
Convenor Alistair Hood

This will be a chance for youth to meet, connect with each other and be encouraged through God's word and friendship. On the day there will be a short talk, singing, food and activities; both outdoor and indoor.

Please note that your registration will not be complete until you have received a copy of the form as confirmation that it was submitted. Contact us at admin@pyv.org.au if you have any problems registering.


Payment can be made with cash or card on the day, or in advance via PayPal or direct bank transfer using the details below. Payment should be made after filling in the registration form.


From the Speaker

I used to love the old movie Richie Rich. Richie’s dad was a multi-billionaire and was also a really nice guy. So because Richie was his son, he got to enjoy everything his dad owned while also enjoying a great relationship with him too. I’d watch that movie thinking about how great it would be to have Richard Rich as a father.

The Bible tells us that God is an infinitely richer and more loving Father than Richard Rich. So just imagine what that means for those who are his children! God’s children get to enjoy everything God owns and they get call the God of the universe their Father too!

At our PYV Big Day Out, we’re going to think a bit more about how God has made this infinitely great privilege possible for each of us through adoption! We’re going to see what adoption means, why it matters, and what difference it makes for God to be our Father and for us to be his children.

We take child safety at our camps and events seriously. We work within the guidelines outlined by the Safe Church Unit of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria to ensure all leaders are properly qualified to work with youth and our events are positive experiences for attending youth.