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God has blessed PYV’s ministry greatly in the recent past.

It has been a tremendous source of teaching, fellowship and training for hundreds of youth throughout Victoria, and many parents can testify to the enormous impact that PYV has had in their child’s development into mature, solid young Christian adults.

Please pray for PYV and its leaders as we prepare for upcoming events and seek to serve our youth at PYV events and in local youth ministries. Please pray for the youth of Victoria, that they would hear and be transformed by the gospel, and for strength in living it out.

If you are in a position to do so, please consider supporting the ministry of PYV financially, whether as an individual, family or church. Donations can be ongoing or on a one-time basis.

Should you choose to donate, please specify what you would like your donation to be allocated to from the list below. To donate click the PayPal button at the bottom of this page or make a bank transfer to the PCV.

Presbyterian Church of Victoria
BSB: 083-004
Account Number: 015016531
Description: "PYV Donation for ____"
Cost Item
$200 Winter Camp - Camper Fee
$150 Winter Camp - Leader Fee
$900 Winter Camp - Speaker & Family Attendance
$200 Winter Camp - Studies & Booklets
$500 Winter Camp - Activities Expenses
$450 Summer Camp - Camper Fee
$400 Summer Camp - Leader Fee
$2,150 Summer Camp - Speaker & Family Attendance
$400 Summer Camp - Studies & Booklets
$1,000 Summer Camp - Activities Expenses
$700 Operations - CCLI License & Music
$500 Operations - First Aid Kit Restocking
$1,000 Operations - Website Maintenance
$1,800/month Operations - Worker Wages