Christ Faith Service

Presbyterian Youth Victoria (PYV) is the youth organisation of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria (PCV).

PYV aims to glorify God by assisting the congregations of the PCV in the development and nurture of youth for the service of Christ Jesus.

PYV does this through the running of camps and events where youth from around Victoria come for fellowship with one another and to hear the Gospel preached.

PYV also provides leadership training for local church youth ministries.  PYV Councillors and senior leaders will mentor local church youth leadership teams as they grow disciples through their youth ministry.

The PYV State Council, elected each year at PYV's Annual General Meeting, oversee PYV's daily operations in addition to formulating the future of the ministry.

PYV is a sub-committee of the Christian Education and Nurture Committee (CENC) of the PCV.  CENC has been delegated authority to oversee PYV's ministries by the General Assembly of Victoria.