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Aims & Objectives


PYV aims to glorify God by assisting the congregations of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria in the development and nurture of youth for the service of Christ Jesus.


PYV's objectives are:

  1. We believe that God continues to draw people to himself through Jesus by the work of the Holy Spirit, so we will provide opportunity and assistance to youth to commit their life to Jesus as their Saviour.
  2. We value unity in the body of Christ, so we will provide opportunities for fellowship and shared experiences in a Christian context.
  3. We believe that youth have the ability to lead and serve in their local church, so we will provide training and opportunities to lead within PYV in the hope they will use this experience elsewhere.
  4. We know that youth are still developing, so we will provide whatever support we can to help them “grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” (2 Pet 3:18)
  5. We value local church ministry, so we will seek to provide whatever support and resources we can to individual churches (Training; Books; Guidance).
  6. PYV is a part of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria, so we will do what we can to represent the needs of youth within the courts of the church.

As at 18/11/2013