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Aims & Objectives


The purpose of PYV is to make and nurture disciples of the Lord Jesus among youth and children in Victoria. 


PYV's objectives are:

  1. Provide an annual 'Summer Camp' where the good news of Jesus is presented clearly and positively to a large group of youth from across Victoria
  2. Provide shorter regional day events 'Big Days Out' to connect Presbyterian youth groups together and support the youth ministry of smaller Presbyterian congregations 
  3. Support regional and local Presbyterian youth initiatives as they arise 
  4. To train and equip youth and children with the theological tools and Biblical knowledge
  5. To provide advice and training to Presbyterian youth ministry as requested 
  6. Carefully recruit and support volunteer leaders 
  7. Have a reputation for the Gospel of Jesus, safety and positive experiences 


The work of the PYC committee is divided into six subcommittees, overseen by the PYC committee. 

  1. Strategy and Operations: plan and implement the committee's work. 
  2. Finance Subcommittee: prepare budgets and organise payments and reimbursements 
  3. Policy and Procedure: regularly revise and review the 'Events Manual'
  4. Promotions: promote the work of the PYV 
  5. Leadership Accreditation: process expressionships of interest from people who wish to become volunteer leaders
  6. Interview Panel: Interview and review a Youth and Children's Worker

[Updated 20/10/2022]