Christ Faith Service


PYV camps are great opportunities for youth from around Victoria to come together to learn more about God's word and to share in fellowship with one another.

Not just for youth...

These camps are not just great opportunities for youth, but are great training grounds for the youth leaders of today to become the leaders of the Church tomorrow.

If you would like to apply to be a leader on a PYV camp please click here.

Camps are costly...

Attending camps can be a costly expense, and PYV understands that there are youth are unable to attend because of this.

The Presbyterian Church of Victoria has a Social Services Committee, who have funds that can be made available to assist youth, who would otherwise be financially unable, to attend camps.  Applications must be made to this committee through a youth's local church.

More details on this process (including the application form) can be seen here.

So what are these camps?

Each of PYV's camps are targeted at different age brackets or regions of Victoria.  A summary of each is below:



PYV's annual Summer Camp brings together all youth from across Victoria for a six day camp from December 27th to January 1st each year.

Summer Camp is for 12 - 21 year olds.

Summer Camp remains a balanced mix of talks, studies and group-based activities. This camp allows youth from across Victoria (and other states too) to come together, be challenged in their faith and to grow in their relationships with God and one another over a longer period than PYV's other camps.

Registrations to attend Summer Camp open in October and close in early December each year.

The Summer Camp Convenor for each year can be contacted via

Details on the current Summer Camp can be found here.


Regional Camps

PYV began some exciting new camps in 2012.

Instead of youth travelling from across Victoria to get to the camps, the camps will be coming to the youth.

Each of the three regional camps are open to youth and young adults aged 12 to 21, and each will be held in the school and university holidays to allow anyone to attend.

The three camps are loosely split into regions, with the West camp being held toward the west of Melbourne, North Camp to the north, and East Camp, you guessed it, to the east.

Each camp will have a unique speaker, and a separate team running it, to give each camp its own vibe and identity.  The camps will be loosely based around PYV's past Junior Camps, with a mixture of structured studies and activities, and free time.

The three regional camps are designed to complement local church youth ministries, by providing an opportunity for local youth leaders to come to camps with their youth.

Each camp's Convenor can be contacted via:

Information on each of the regional camps is available below:

  • West  (April school holidays)
  • North (September school holidays)
  • East (September school holidays)