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This summer we are providing an online resource called Summer Out of The Box for you to use in your youth ministry. The box features teaching videos on the theme 'Stand Firm' by Dave Martin (minister at New Life Presbyterian in Officer) from the book of 1 Thessalonians, plus study materials and games/activities. The box can be used in a way which suits the people in your setting and is up to you how you want to benefit from it.

What's in The Box

  • 5 Recorded talks on the theme 'Stand Firm' by Dave Martin based on 1 Thessalonians.
  • 5 Bible Studies to accompany the talks.
  • Some fun ice-breakers and games
  • Ideas for a theme night

How can you use PYV "Summer Out of the Box"?

  1. As a Summer Event at your church. Camp out at church for a couple of days or just hang out together each morning for a week. Do whatever suits your youth and their availability. ‘Summer Out of the Box' comes with suggestions for games and activities that can make your chill-out sessions fun!
  2. As a Kick-Starter weekend run over a Friday and Saturday in late January/early February to get everyone excited about living 2022 dedicated to Jesus OR save up the material for the youth program at your church camp in 2022. (Perhaps you could see if a PYV leader would be available to come and support your program!)
  3. A series of Youth Group talks and studies for Term 1. A great way to start your youth group year grounded in God’s Word with ready-made, theologically sound material that you can share with your youth group.
  4. As a family Bible study series - great way to get your family into the habit of regular Bible study as the year unfolds and to teach your children how to read, study and pray their way through a book of the Bible
  5. As a resource for personal Quiet Times as you reflect on what it is to live as a Christian in these tricky times, using 1 Thessalonians as a text to encourage, challenge and inspire you.

By clicking the link below you will receive access to the 'Summer Out of The Box' material.  The box is free and made available by Presbyterian Youth Victoria.

Please let us know how you have used this material. We would love to hear from you. Contact PYV at .

Child Safety

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