Christ Faith Service


Volleyball and the social event are outreach events. They are designed to allow Christian youth to bring their non-Christian friends along, with a Gospel message shared at each.  Both events allow youth from within each church to grow in their relationships with one another through the shared experience of each.




Volleyball is one of PYV’s largest events and is the first opportunity for many youth to attend a PYV function.

The day consists of a short information session, followed by a Gospel message.  The remainder of the day (approximately six hours) is of round robin matches and finals.

There are four categories: mixed-advanced (6 per team), mixed-social (6 per team), mens’ (4 per team) and womens’ (5 per team).

The Volleyball Convenor for each year can be contacted at

Information regarding the Volleyball competition is available here.




The social event is one of PYV’s more popular events.  This is due to the relaxed nature of the event, the fact that the event is held at night, and because it allows the youth to catch up with the people they have met at previous PYV camps and events. Like Volleyball, the social is one of the first PYV events that many youth attend.

The social also acts as an outreach event, with the youth inviting more of their non-Christian friends due to the laidback nature of the night.

Each year's social event takes a different theme, with past social events being: a Bushdance, a trivia night, a talent night and an actual social.

One of the more popular formats has been "PYV's Got Talent" where youth groups and individuals from around Victoria perform something for each other and their parents.